Sweet Home Chicago – YUM

We all know how nostalgic it can be taking a trip down memory lane and experiencing some of the most decadent dishes Chicago offers. It’s quite surprising how many people voted that PIZZA is their avenue to initiate a trip down memory lane. Which isn’t surprising at all. Especially for a city like Chicago. It’s been said that Chicago still holds the title for “Best Pizza in the USA”. Again, which isn’t surprising. Considering the amount of revenue generated per year from pizza purchases in Chicago alone are a whopping $38,000,000.00. If that number wasn’t astronomical enough for you, ponder on this for a while. Pizza production in the United States was in such high demand in 2010, pizzerias had made $4 billion worth of cheese purchases in under one year. This number has been growing drastically throughout the years, so I can only assume where the totals are at now.

From New York to Chicago, there’s so many options when buying a pizza. Sure, you can go the more conservative route and buy one from an ordinary fast food chain. However, I truly believe that if you’re part of a big city like Chicago, you are absolutely OBLIGATED… Yes I said OBLIGATED, to venture out into the urban playground we call our city, find yourself a family owned pizzeria, sit down and stuff your face. Because not only is there tradition behind it, but there’s memories to be made.

You might ask yourself “Why are there memories to be made?”,”What gain is there to be had if I were to kick little caesars in the d*** and go to a traditional pizzeria?”. Allow me to explain a short story.

I was bar hopping with a couple buds from my college at the time. Needless to say, we had gotten absolutely inebriated. Which is partially my fault, since we all bought each other a couple rounds. Which isn’t too abnormal – when somebody buys me a drink I usually buy them a drink also. The bad part about this is that it can turn into a cycle. I’m more than positive if we would’ve blown into a breathalyzer we would’ve failed. I was so intoxicated I couldn’t walk completely straight. In fact, this turned into what I would call a game. Unfortunately, my game came to a VERY abrupt end, as all the friends I was travelling the city with had abandon me unintentionally.

I was searching the corners of every street in search for some sort of food. It was actually comical if you think about it, since I was asking almost everybody I came across if they knew of any good restaurants in walking distance. In retrospect, this could’ve turned out really bad, as it sounds like a great invitation for a robbery. Luckily, my drunk self confided in genuinely nice folk, which lead me to a diamond in the rough.

Long story short, if it weren’t for me getting plastered, I wouldn’t have found the ULTIMATE pizzeria in all of Chicago. (In my opinion, the WORLD)

Moral of this post:

#1: If you’re in search of a Pizzeria, getting plastered might help.

#2: Talking to random people when you’re drunk is quite scary!

#3: Chicago has the BEST pizza, period.

#4: Beer.